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creating a naturally healthy life



A Garden State Native, I first started cooking and gardening with my parents as a youngster and immediately fell in love with the process of creating with food and serving others.

As a teenager, some of my most formative experiences occurred working in a restaurant kitchen, experimenting in the art studio and sharing my music in the church youth ministry. I have a very playful spirit and decided in college to focus on education which led me to work with children with special needs through local programs in Montclair like Spectrum Academy, Nandi Art School and eventually on a larger scale at the Learning Disabilities Association of New York City. In every work capacity, I found myself with an affinity for creating unique, therapeutic programs that invited the participants to express through the medium of real food.
In 2011 my life went through a big change as I moved to Texas and lived on a sustainable farm, where I facilitated farm-to-table learning experiences and catered events.
Upon returning to NJ in the Spring of 2012, I jumped at an opportunity to work as the private chef for Gwyneth Paltrow and enjoyed the fun, fast paced summer of culinary arts. When this wonderful gig ended in the fall, I discovered another fun opportunity to play with food as the R&D chef for Brad’s Plant Based Foods where I enhanced the recipes of the healthy snack food line. Recently, my wife Emma and I started our own food business called Paleyobakery, we sell plantain-based waffles and batter in a spout pouch. It’s a unique recipe that we invented out of the need for a grain-free diet.